Sauna Sisters is a drama comedy about seven friends who come together for an evening of Finnish sauna and universal self-discovery. The story undress the women’s dreams, fears, and secrets, and along with them fall away the shame and shadow of gender and social expectations.

The film opens with a series of short films, each opening the protagonists’ personalities and everyday lives. Short films can be published as stand-alone content and are supported with Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and on other social media channels (#saunasisters) to create edgy messages about sauna, sex and spirituality.

At the heart of the story are seven long-time friends in their mid-thirties. The evening is hosted by Liisa, who just divorced and is ready to leave her dreams and dream home behind: her ex-husband and fiancee are moving into the elegant wooden villa the two built together. The evening starts in the villa’s sauna facing the sea with light conversation while warming up the sauna. As steam, sweat and moonshine take effect recent deeply personal and painful experiences emerge in story.

Each woman harbors a specific secret and shame with it. Each secret is uncovered, processed and resolved. Taboos and comedy collide in discussions of sex, breast cancer, infertility, betrayal, polyamory, sex, career choices and financial catastrophes. The magic of sisterhood and steam brings love, support and radically diverse life perspectives to the stories these women share with each other.

The story of these seven women tells a story about the strength of sisterhood often hidden in a masculine world, the strong bonds between all women regardless of who they are or where they are from. Bonds which can free women to be themselves; freeing some from traditional roles or returning others to their roots, but always generating creative and unexpected solutions life’s challenges in the process.


Format: 10x30min series
Genre: drama comedy
Status: Pre-development


Reetta Ranta
+358 50 5741841
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