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When the founder of Sauna Sisters, Reetta Ranta, visited the Outer banks in the coast of North Carolina, she fell immediately in love with its magical nature as well as the people inhabiting those beautiful sand dune islands. There, in a small local cafe Magic Bean, she met this wonderful family that always brought most lovely fragrance amongst them. This is the story behind Kim and Roger Meacham’s family business, a couple behind the Milk Street Soap Co.

It all started around 2010 when Kim found a book from 1892 in the local library by Grandma Tierney, giving a recipe for a Mocca Milk soap. She was eager to find a solution for their child’s skin problems and adapting the old soap recipe she found both cure for the eczema and a joy of creating pure products, a true granny magic. The product has developed from a simple soap to a range of elegant and wonderful bath products, all made in their small family business in the Ocracoke Island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

When I take a shower, I rub the soap into my hands, close my eyes and smell the fragrance – I let the water run to my face. This ritual will take me to Ocracoke outside shower, where you can shower under the Milky Way. This is my daily ritual that reminds me of how magnificently huge the universe is, how small we people are – and how grateful I am to be able to live in such a beautiful planet.

Reetta Ranta, the first Sauna Sister

A limited batch of Milk Street products can be bought now in Finland, through Sauna Sisters! See the products >

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